Let’s make it sound

let's make it sound

Master's Degree in Art Direction in Communication

Art Direction · Advertising and communication · Motion graphics

Creation of a manifesto and communication concept for the guitar manufacturer Schecter that will serve as the basis for the art direction and development of the positioning campaign for its own media. Schecter makes professional, modern and reliable electric guitars and basses to accompany guitarists and bassists who are serious about fighting for their dreams and reaching the top.


You who every day practice at home, who every day your fingers run through my body putting music to your dreams. Going to play in the subway watching people passing by. Or at that concert where we were the only ones there. I believe in you.

You just need to know who you are and strive, fight, learn, improve and every riff will sound better. You have the talent, I’ve felt it in your fingertips and together we can bring it out.

And someday on the subway someone will stop and listening to us his eyes will shine. And suddenly in that concert someone will come, and someone else, and more, and it will get crowded. That is your destiny and I will be with you to make it happen.

Keep on trying, grab these 6 strings and let’s get on that stage where everything stops. Let’s shout to the world the melody of our dreams. Let´s make it possible. And together, let’s make it sound.

Communication campaign

Development of a communication campaign based on the manifesto. It will serve to position the brand and reach its target audience.

animation video

For the video, motion graphics was chosen as a differentiating style among the competition.

Social media

The manifesto is broken down into graphics that will be used to provide content for the brand’s social networks. In this case, in addition to the manifesto, we will take advantage of the collaborations of high profile artists who are ambassadors of the brand, using inspirational phrases extracted from interviews made to their own media.

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